Jesse R. Cross

President & CEO

Brigadier General (R) Jesse R. Cross, rather than joining a large business that merely looks for “open doors” created by retired general officers strives to “give back” as a working, active executive leader. He is involved in every aspect of the company, ensuring that the company’s business and growth strategies, values and performance remain in alignment with the RRST’s corporate vision.

As a distinguished retired Army Logistician with over 32 years of experience, Mr. Cross has commanded diverse, global, multi-million-dollar logistics organizations, including Commander of the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Defense Logistics Agency and Commanding General; Commandant of the United States Army Quartermaster School and 50th Quartermaster General of the Army, Fort Lee, Virginia; and Commander Army Materiel Command Forward and ARCENT G4, Kuwait.

He uses his military experience and understanding to provide mission focused strategies in the areas of training development, logistics management and IT support solutions that allow organizations to remain ready and adaptive. He understands the diverse requirements and mission sets of RRST’s Government customers and remains vigilant in creating a team and corporate climate that is as committed to delivering the right solutions for every need.

Mr. Cross is a graduate of West Texas State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and has a master’s degree in Logistics Management from Florida Institute of Technology.



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